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No Zeros November

We still have a few months before the Big Event, but that doesn’t mean kiddos in the hospital aren’t still fighting! During the month of November, UNI Dance Marathon has adopted a “No Zero November” mantra: we want all dancers to have NO zeros in their donor drive! This means everyone getting at least one donation, if you haven’t already! So, gear up some fundraising ideas and get out there!

Our goal of $700,000 this year is a leap of faith in ourselves to do our very best, and NOW is the time to continue that! These next few months represent the season of giving, and in that spirit, try to get as many people as you can to donate; you never know who might get you closer to your goal if you never ask! Sometimes, people can get stuck when thinking of ways to get more money, but there are more ideas than you think! Here are a few ways you can get extra cash during Thanksgiving break to put in your drive:

  1. Shovel snow for people in your neighborhood.

  2. Have someone take a gift they want to get you for Christmas, and instead of buying it, they match the price amount to your donor drive.

  3. Sell old clothes you don’t wear anymore.

  4. Think of at least TWO people you haven’t messaged yet, and ask for donations.

  5. Ask people in person to donate at family gatherings.

  6. If you haven’t posted recently about Dance Marathon, do it again!

Together, we have the power to make a difference! At the end of the day, remind yourself who you are fighting for, and understand that if those kiddos aren’t giving up any time soon, neither should you! It is time to go out there and DO IT FTK!

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