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A Miracle-Making Partnership

Hi University of Northern Iowa Dance Marathon! I am thrilled to introduce myself to all of you, my name is Megan Frischmeyer and I am UNI DM’s Hospital Advisor on behalf of the UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital. I have been in this role for the past year and a half and every day brings another reason to celebrate the incredible accomplishments of Dance Marathon across our state, and of course, the amazing things you all accomplish here at UNI.

Serving as the Hospital Advisor to Dance Marathon programs basically means I have the best job in the world. I work closely with all of the Executive Directors to help plan strategy, come up with new ideas to advance their program, and ultimately help you all be as successful as possible. My favorite part of the job is helping connect all of you to the cause – our patients and families.

I know it’s not always easy to hit your fundraising goals, believe me I’ve been there, but the money you raise dollar by dollar goes to ensuring we can always fund our highest needs to make sure our patients are always in the best capable hands. I never miss an opportunity to brag about you either so of course I need to share the transformation things you have helped make possible for us in only 9 years-

- Our pediatric neurology department is now ranked in the top 50 for children’s hospitals

- We are one of very few children’s hospitals to have a portable CT scanner

- We have a brand-new pediatric ambulance

- Our pediatric transport team has the resources to help kids coming to us from far away

- We have our beautiful, state-of-the-art, free standing building

How cool that you all have had a hand in this!

However, I do think the coolest thing UNI Dance Marathon provides is a sense of hope, love, and community for patients and their families. Most of us are fortunate enough to never understand how your world can turn upside down with a visit to the hospital, but for those who need our hospital’s care, they are fighting an unimaginable battle they never asked for. UNI Dance Marathon gives those families hope in the face of hardships and comfort to know they are not going through this alone. You are always there with open arms and warm hugs or with new friends who can relate to what they are going through. If that doesn’t change your lives, I’m not sure what will!

I challenge you to pour your entire heart into this organization because it will change your life, you just need to let it. I had very different career aspirations coming to college, but because of Dance Marathon, I discovered how passionate I am about philanthropy and working in a field that feels rewarding every day.

A huge Thank You to everyone in UNI Dance Marathon, you are all my heroes and I hope I get to meet you all. 😊

For The Kids-

Megan Frischmeyer

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