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The 2022-2023 UNI DM Team of Directors is proud to serve the Miracle Network Dance Marathon movement. Please feel free to contact a director with any questions!

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Hannah Dash

Executive Director

Mikaela graduated from UNI with degrees in Biology and Public Health & Education. Mikaela is now at Allen in their Accelerated BSN program. This is her second year being in UNI Dance Marathon, and fifth year in Dance Marathon in general!
Favorite DM Memory: "My favorite DM memory was having my grandma cut my hair for donation at the 2021 big event."


DM Why: "I dance to serve the kids and families that shape our community. No one should have a childhood of hospital visits, surgeries, treatments, needles, or pokes. Beyond the monetary donations, our cause supports some of the most vulnerable populations by facilitating amazing emotional and physical connection. Everyone does have the power to make an impact on future generations. To me, Dance Marathon is all about inspiring and empowering others to join the movement, and becoming equipped to change kids' health and changing the future."


Fun Fact: Mikaela has eaten ice cream every day since April 16th, 2021!
Contact Mikaela with any questions you may have about UNI Dance Marathon.

Payton Hall

External Director

Payton is a junior at UNI studying Biology. This will be her third year in UNI Dance Marathon.
Favorite DM Memory: "Performing the morale dance on stage every hour at the Big Event my freshmen year."


DM Why: "I dance so that kiddos are able to go to sleep in their bed at home and enjoy being a kid!"


Fun Fact: Payton is on the UNI Swim and Dive team, and has been swimming for 13 years!
Contact Payton for

Brooke Vry

Internal Director

Brooke is a senior at UNI studying Marketing: Advertising and Digital Media. This will be her fourth year in UNI Dance Marathon. 
Favorite DM Memory: "My favorite DM memory is power hour 2019."


DM Why: "To make a difference in something that is much bigger than myself. The impact this organization has made on myself has allowed me to grow and gain relationships with many miracle families."


Fun Fact: Brooke has swam with and kissed turtles and stingrays. 
Contact Brooke for

Hannah Dash

Advancement Director

Hannah is a senior at UNI studying Accounting. This will be her fourth year in UNI Dance Marathon. 

Favorite DM Memory: "My favorite part of UNI DM is building relationships with our miracle kiddos, families, and other members!

DM Why: "I'm involved in Dance Marathon because no one should have to endure what our miracle families and kiddos go through. I want to do whatever I can to help make their lives a little easier and let them know that we are here for them. Our families are the most important part of our organization and I want to do everything in my power to make sure they get the support they need and deserve."

Fun Fact: Hannah donated over two feet of her hair at the 2021 Big Event when she shaved her hair for the kiddos!

Contact Hannah for 

Annalee Workman

Membership Director

Annalee is a senior at UNI studying RTLC and minors in both Spanish and Coaching. This will be her fourth year in Dance Marathon.


Favorite DM Memory: "Doing the morale dance on stage my sophomore year and looking out into the crowd seeing all the smiles on everyone's faces."


DM Why: " I dance because every kiddo deserves to have a childhood. They deserve to have birthday parties, sleepovers, be able to play sports, and hangout with friends. They deserve to have a normal childhood. I dance because no kid should have to fight alone."
Fun Fact: Annalee scored the winning goal in her 5th grade hockey championship game so basically she is a pro!
Contact Annalee for questions about morale.

Oksana Grybovych Hafermann

Campus Advisor of UNI Dance Marathon

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