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Fundraising can be intimidating, but it shouldn’t be. Fundraising is something that anyone can do! It’s all about sharing your story, and making people want to support you and your cause. Listed below are some ways to raise money for Dance Marathon and a packet that goes more in depth on how to raise money! For additional strategies not found on this page, please check out our fundraising packet below!

Birthdays & Holidays

If your birthday is coming up, consider asking for donations instead of birthday wishes on social media! Consider asking relatives who don’t know what to get you during the holidays to instead donate to your own, or the organization’s, fundraising page.

Babysitting & Can Collecting

People are ALWAYS looking for babysitters so they can enjoy a night on the town. Consider donating your babysitting money towards your fundraising total! Another great fundraising tactic is collecting cans! Ask friends, family members, and neighbors to save up their cans and take them to the redemption center yourself. Be sure to share with your friends, family members, and neighbors that the funds are going toward your donor drive, as they might donate a bit extra towards your fundraising.


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