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UNI Dance Marathon is the largest student led organization on campus at the University of Northern Iowa. Our organization is separated into different committees that make everything we do possible. Take a look at what each committee is responsible for:

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Big Event

The Big Event Committee, led by the Director of Big Event, is in charge of essentially scheduling, planning, and executing the Big Event. The Big Event Committee is in charge of planing all of the entertainment for the day, including the main stage acts, downstairs rooms, and everything else to keep people on their feet and busy. This takes a lot of team collaboration and brainstorming to figure out what we want to do. Committee members plan everything from the set up to tear down. This includes meal times, theme hours, decorations, live entertainment schedule, VIP section, etc. Its our job to make the Big Event an event that no one will ever forget.

Event Planning

The Event Planning Committee is responsible for planning events all year long that promote and raise money for UNI Dance Marathon. They create events that connect college students and our community to UNI Dance Marathon, while also creating an atmosphere that emphasizes advocacy for kids with life threatening illnesses. Some different events they plan include Orange Party and Miracle Gala! They also get to collaborate and work with other committees in order to put on successful events.

Family Relations

The Family Relations Committee works directly with the heart of our cause, the families. Family Relations is a critical part of our organization; ensuring families are cared for. This committee is responsible for planning family events, connecting the rest of the organization to the families, decorating the family room for the Big Event, and serving as support for the Miracle Families throughout the year in a multitude of different ways (attending different recitals and games, sending birthday cards, etc.).


The Media Committee, which is co-led by the Director of Marketing and the Director of Design, is in charge of the design, marketing, and promotion of UNI Dance Marathon. This committee will give members a lot of hands-on experience. They are in need of creative minds to help come up with apparel and graphic designs, as well as, assist with photography and videography. The second part of this committee is all about promotion through marketing and communications practices. The Media Committee is looking for students interested in any of the following: social media marketing, blog article writing, and content creation. The committee promotes UNI Dance Marathon through all DM social media accounts, tabling, posters, and other on and off campus advertisements. Our committee is also in charge of all news releases and contacting local media outlets to promote Dance Marathon in the community. No previous experience with public relations or marketing is required to serve on this committee. 

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