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Participating as a Dancer of UNI Dance Marathon is an exciting, rewarding experience unlike any other. UNI DM wouldn't be as successful as it has been without the dedication and support of our dancers. Dancers get the chance to fundraise for the kids and attend fun events throughout the year, like the Orange Party, Black Tie Affair, and various givebacks, all leading up to the Big Event in late February or early March. Each year, hundreds of dancers stand on their feet for the entire 12 hours of the Big Event, dancing for the kiddos who fight their illnesses and injuries every day.


Register for the Big Event as a Dancer to enjoy live entertainment, great food, and hear first-hand stories from our very own Miracle Families. Dancer registration is now live! Make sure to select "Join a Team" and choose from one of our Morale Captain teams when registering!


Have questions? Contact the Director of Dancer Involvement at


UNI DM 2021-2022

UNI DM 2021-2022

Dancers of the Month are individuals who have gone above and beyond for UNI Dance Marathon, embodying the message "for the kids" in everything they do! They are nominated by Directors, ADs, and Morale Captains.


Amber Rolf (September)

Kylie Billings (October)

Maddie Steffen (November)

Danielle Duffey (December)

Lexie Gootee (January)

Dancers of the Week are individuals who have raised the most amount of money for the children's hospital each week!

Grace Croat
Michael Feldhacker
Autry Fasnacht
Olivia Hefel
Madi Vanness
Marley Miller
Kailey Koopmann
Kylie Billings
Helen Beyer
Camryn Allen
Amber Rolf
Tiffany Beyer
Rachel Stephany

Courtney Koenig
Adeline Schneider 
Mayo Deuso 
Maggie Augustine
Alexis Edmundson 
Laney Fischer 
Jordan Simon
Rachel Heitz
Allie Moeller


The Dedicated Dancer Award was created in 2019 in honor of former Director of Morale, Dani Schultes, and her dedication to our mission. This award is presented at the Big Event by the
co-directors each year to someone who has shown outstanding dedication and excellence during their time in UNI Dance Marathon. Below are the previous recipients.

Dani Schultes | 2019

Cassidy Utesch | 2020

Olivia Crouse | 2021
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