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Matching gifts are a way to multiply the impact donors can have on UNI Dance Marathon. In your donation request letters and emails, please remind donors that UNI Dance Marathon may be eligible for matching gifts through their employer.


Share the following language with your donors:

Eligible gifts to UNI Dance Marathon may be matched by your employer. Gifts to UNI Dance Marathon, through Children’s Miracle Network at the UI Foundation, are tax deductible as provided under IRS code 501(c)3. (Federal tax identification number 42-0796760.)


In order for your donors’ matching gift requests to be properly processed,

follow the instructions below:

 ​1. If a donor gives you their company’s matching gift form,

please give that form AND the check or printout of online gift to our

Director of Finance at

2. DO NOT fill out any portion of your donor’s matching gift form,

nor go online and verify a matching gift. Anything you receive

should be given directly to the Director of Finance.

Have any questions?

Please email the Director of Finance at

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