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Be The Change: How Spare Change Saves Lives

When it comes to fundraising every penny counts. Every donation, no matter how big or small makes a difference for the kiddos that need life-saving treatments. Close your eyes and imagine what you could do if you got 100 people to donate a penny, you would have a whole dollar! That one dollar would then be put towards something that can be given to a kiddo and their family. Now imagine if you got everyone to donate a quarter instead of a penny. That is $25 For The Kids. Do you know what a $25 donation could do for a kiddo and their family!? That $25 could provide 2 meals at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital, 2 oral care kits, a case of diapers for the babies in the NICU and that is just a few of the things YOU could help provide for the kiddos and their families.

There are so many easy ways to collect change that you can donate back to the hospital. Here are a couple of ideas that you could do:

  • Contact your elementary, middle, or high school and host a change war

  • Ask your hometown businesses if you can set out change jars

  • Collect cans from family and friends

  • Keep a change jar in your room to collect all your spare change

These are just a few ways that you could collect change. Every single penny given to this cause gives a kiddo the chance to live another day, be with their family, and help fight for future generations. This year our campaign is Be The Reason. We have the chance to Be The Reason why kiddos get to live another year. The reason that a kiddo gets to sleep in their own bed at night instead of an uncomfortable hospital bed. The reason that a kiddo gets to go to college someday. We challenge you to be creative and have fun while fundraising FOR THE KIDS this year!

The Children's Miracle Network provided this wonderful graphic that shows you directly what your dollar goes to with our local hospital: University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital. Feel free to share this to other dancers and potential donors sourced at the very heart of this organization's cause.


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