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Finding Your Path: All About DM Committees

Whether you are a 1st year or 4th-year student involved in Dance Marathon you have the opportunity to learn more, gain skills, meet new people, create memories, and show your passion for this organization. Each Committee here has their own interest areas that all come together and create an amazing year for Dance Marathon. We highly encourage you to join a committee no matter how far into the year we are in. We all would love to get to know you on a deeper level and help you grow through DM.

Family Relations

Our main focus throughout our committee is the families. We spend all of our time during our meeting times to create events for our families, buy birthday presents, send cards, and create rooms for the big event that keep our miracle families included for their needs. We become a family within this committee because we are able to create a bond between committee members and our kiddos!


Media Committee focuses on sharing the mission of UNI DM to the community. Media manages all forms of social media and marketing and communications for the organization, and we plan and implement social media campaigns, design merchandise and create photo and video content that is shared online. We have four subcommittees: Design, Marketing, Media, and Merchandise where committee members can use their talents and skills to work on specific projects. It’s the Media committee’s job to make sure the world knows who UNI DM is, and make sure we share our mission and purpose in the best way possible to engage the public.​

As the current Director of Marketing, I have grown so much since joining the Media committee two years ago. I have refined my marketing and communication skills and have gained real world experience while being a part of something bigger than myself.

As the Director of Design I have been able to grow so much in UNI DM as I was the Assistant Director of Design this past year and am now the Director of Design. I have been able to learn so much about this organization and my passion for it has only grown. I have also gotten the opportunity to grow in my design skills, leadership abilities and communication skills. I will always recommend getting further involved within UNI DM and cannot stress the benefits enough.

Day Of

Being a part of Day Of Committee is not only one of the coolest things, but also one of the most rewarding. We get to plan the entire Big Event… Like how cool is that!! The Big Event is the last event of the year. The last hurrah of the DM season, the day everyone looks forward to. Within this committee, you get to plan every single detail that goes into the Big Event, including activities for our downstairs rooms, different acts for our mainstage, what decorations we want, and so much more!! It’s pretty amazing when you take a step back during the Big Event and realize that you were a part of planning something so special.

Event Planning

Here at the event planning committee, we look to bring the FUN into fundraising! :) We work alongside multiple other committees throughout the year to bring events to life! We plan things like the kickoff, the orange party, and the black-tie affair! I would love to hear your amazing ideas and for you to become a part of the event planning family.

I have grown so much through my committee experience. I have gained professional and personal relationships that will last a lifetime. I had no idea what I was getting into my freshman year, but not a day goes by that I am not thankful for joining UNI DM and the wonderful committees they have to offer. Never be afraid to put yourself out there because I promise it will pay off in the long run!

Corporate Partnership

Corporate Partnerships is the behind the scenes of all of the events, and Dance Marathon as a whole. We work with different businesses in the Cedar Valley to partner with our organization to raise awareness and money. Givebacks are our way of raising money in the community, and helping dancers get involved in the community as well. Along with doing givebacks we also plan the food for our major events like the Orange Party, Black Tie Affair, and most importantly, the Big Event. Our committee is small, but we are mighty, and easily one of the most important committees. Partnering with local businesses in the Cedar Valley not only helps grow our program but helps our committee members grow as well.

I’ve grown so much being a member of Corporate Partnerships for the last 3 years. I’ve made the best of friends, awesome relationships with local businesses, and even grown my communication and networking skills when it comes to talking to local businesses on a regular basis. This committee really increased my passion when it came to Dance Marathon during my freshman year, and it was so rewarding to be able to see all of our work and progress come to life.

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