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Virtual Big Event 2021

Hello UNI Dance Marathon Community!

As you are all certainly aware, this Dance Marathon year has looked quite different amid the ongoing pandemic. Seeing posts of fun fundraising challenges, walking across campus with tangerine shirts on, and attending Dance Marathon events via Zoom has brought a deeper appreciation of our organization here at UNI. Proud comes to mind when we think about the challenges you have faced this year while still taking time out of your college experience to fight For The Kids. We have the incredible opportunity to still have UNI Dance Marathon’s Big Event this year, although it will look different. The date of the Big Event is April 10th and we are excited for all of the activities, fundraising and stories we will continue to share with all of you.

Although we wish we could all be celebrating together in the Maucker Union, the 2021 Big Event will be virtual this year for our miracle families and our dancers. In order to provide a great Big Event experience, we will be having executive members working together safely behind the scenes to create a day full of miracles and fun for everyone. With the virtual format, we can take comfort knowing that our Miracle Families, Kiddos, and participants are engaging in safe practices. As well as being thankful that we can still connect with all of you and having the best opportunity of the year to have many miracle families attending in a safe way.

We are currently hard at work to make our first ever Virtual Big Event a memorable experience for all of you! Along with our Livestream, we will have exclusive Big Event content posted on our website for you to explore!

Ultimately, we want to hear from you! What would you like to see at the Big Event? What things at the Big Event stuck out to you most last year?

This Google Form will collect all of your questions, comments, and concerns that you may have about the Big Event and we will answer them in a blog post just like this one! Until then, keep on the lookout for more Big Event information and updates on our social media!

FTK Always,


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