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Why Morale?

Olivia Crouse was a previous UNI Dance Marathon morale captain. Olivia was asked about the impact she made as a captain and why others should join the movement.

Why is it worth it to become a morale captain?

"Being a morale captain gives an introduction into a leadership position on campus and it also allows you to meet so many people!"

What was the biggest learning experience from being in morale?

"I think that my biggest learning experience was organization. You have to learn how to balance your requirements as a captain with your schoolwork and other responsibilities. Doing this gave me a lot of confidence in my abilities and pushed me to pursue other leadership positions within the organization."

What was the most exciting memory from being a morale captain?

"As basic as it is, The Big Event. I think that running into The Big Event as a captain is one of the coolest experiences. Even after being in exec for UNI DM, I wished that I could run in as a captain because it is truly unforgettable."

Interested in being a morale captain for the 2021-2022 DM year?

Email Annalee at!


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