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Thanksgiving Fundraising

When looking around the dinner table during this Thanksgiving holiday, really take in the atmosphere around you. The smell of food and the sounds of friendly conversation with undertones of grumbling bellies waiting to dig in, alongside the annoyance of siblings and intrusive questions by relatives. We as humans tend to be so mundane with this holiday and the repetitiveness it tends to have. But this year, really appreciate those quirky sounds of the home you are in, and the smells that have stuck around; because you never know when that scenery is going to change.

Holidays for some are spent in hospital rooms with cafeteria trays. The home they create in the 240 square foot bedroom is with the pure joy that they are together and all here. The hospital is never a place you want to spend your break and holiday, but for some, the attention and care at all times is necessary. Thanksgiving makes you aware of this. It brings to light what you have and the fortunate life you live. It's a holiday of perspective. So this year, when you go around the table and share what you are grateful for, think about what you can give this holiday season, or what you can do. Fundraising over break is an opportunity worth taking advantage of.


  • Change jars at local businesses

  • Raking leaves or shoveling snow for donations

  • Ask relatives who you have not seen in awhile

  • Send letters

  • A perfect time to make and sell crafts

  • Make an announcement at church

  • Giving tuesday is coming up

  • Making food or baked goods

  • Canning door to door (depending on town)

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