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Every week, we will post a letter written by one of our executive members to you, the UNI DM community. This week we are fortunate to have Tyler Shuck writing for us, the mastermind behind FTK Week last week at UNI!

Hello DM Community, On Monday December 1st, UNI Dance Marathon began FTK Week. Throughout the week, we held various events to: help spread our message throughout campus, recruit more dancers, and to have a lot of fun! Overall, the week went very well; we saw our registration numbers increase and many of our fundraising efforts also boasted good results. If you missed out on all of the FTK Week fun we had, there is no need to worry! Everything you may have missed is detailed below. Let’s begin with a look at what DM has been up to this past week! Pledge FTK : Monday As a non-profit organization, all of the money we raise goes to the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital. We began FTK Week with a banner in the union that students, faculty, and staff could stop by and donate to. For anyone who wanted to block out a illnesses, they had to donate $1 to our cause and then they could block out the illnesses with a handprint! In addition to the banner, Monday also happened to be 95 Days away from our Big Event, which will be taking place March 7th. In light of how quickly we are approaching our most celebrated event, we encouraged our dancers to raise $95, since we were 95 days away from our event.

Support FTK : Tuesday Tuesday marked the 2nd day of FTK week, where we held our Coldstone giveback night and co-hosted a Mario Kart tournament with PSE. Members who worked at our coldstone night, which lasted from 5:30PM until 9PM, said they were constantly busy all throughout the night. We had many members of the community, student body, and Dance Marathon join us for a treat, and we had a blast! The Mario Kart tournament had a great number of students who competed and showed off their Mario Kart skills. Anybody who took part in the tournament was automatically entered into a chance to win a prize and they also could improve their chances of winning a raffle by advancing in the tournament. The first place winner was Andy Washburn.

Promote FTK : Wednesday To promote our organization, we wanted to spend the day engaging all members of the student body and peak their interest in Dance Marathon. To accomplish this, we held our first ever Donuts and Dogs event in the Union. Trump, a service dog for UNI Student, Eric Eastman, greeted students and faculty as we offered free donuts to registered dancers. In addition to this event, we also held our first-ever Morale Captain talent show. We had over 150 students pack into the union coffeehouse to cheer on all the Morale Captains. The morale captains had a diverse range of talents, whether it was playing piano, rehearsing an original poem, singing a DM version of “The A-Team” by Ed Shereen, or performing a dance, the talent show performers gave the audience a wonderful show that many will never forget.

Unite FTK : Thursday Our focus for this day was to unite, not only UNI Students to our cause, but to unite our friends and family members who are not a part of the Cedar Valley with UNI Dance Marathon. To further engage our campus, we held our first-ever miracle walk to spread the Dance Marathon’s cause with anybody walking around campus. Throughout campus there were orange streamers, orange ribbons, and many signs that featured our miracle kiddos and fun facts about UNI Dance Marathon.

In addition to our Miracle Walk, we held our Pizza Hut giveback night. We encouraged all of our dancers to go out and buy Pizza Hut, as a portion of the sale came back to UNI DM. We also encouraged UNI students to share the promotion with the families, as the promotion applied to any Pizza Hut location in the continental United States! Throughout the day we had many Snapchats come in of people sending us their pizza hut orders, and we had one store that had 8/10 of their morning orders go towards UNI DM! We are so thankful for all those that went out and ordered a pizza! Dance FTK : Friday On our final day of FTK Week, we held an apparel sale in the Maucker Union. Anyone who stopped by the table had the chance to get their DM Swag; which included baseball t’s, bro tanks, hoodies, t-shirts and much more! We also began selling Dance Marathon Christmas ornaments, which will be on sale until the end of the semester. If you’d like to decorate your home Christmas tree, it’s not too late! In retrospect, the events that occurred this week continue to be a constant reminder of how amazing our student body truly is. Thank you to all those who contributed and helped make FTK Week a success! Whether it was working on events throughout the week, attending the events, buying pizza, or just donating a dollar, all of your work has been greatly appreciated and UNI Dance Marathon would not be the same without each and every one of you! I can’t wait for the big day to be upon us, but until then, have a wonderful rest of the semester!

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