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Community Talk with Spencer Willey

What does Community Relations mean? The Community Relations Committee works in five different segments: Community, Greek Life, Athletics, Alumni, and Faculty/Staff. This committee works throughout the year coordinating with these groups on and off campus in an effort to involve everyone within our community towards the amazing cause for the kids! Their events throughout the year included DM Hunger Games, DM Cafe for the professors, DM Idol, Dancer Appreciation Day, and Alumni reunion events!

As a freshman, this will be Spencer Willey's first UNI Dance Marathon, but not his first event. "I had been participating at my high school Dance Marathon the last four years," Willey said. "I'm very excited to continue to be apart of this!"

"I'm currently in my second semester of being on the Community Relations Committee," said Willey. "First, before I decided what the committee entailed, I listened to Maureen Hart [Director of Community Relations] and loved the passion she had and was excited to be a part of what she presented. I decided to be a part of the Community Relations Committee because I always love to get involved with the community and bring everyone in as one."

Each committee has something that makes it feel special. For Willey the best part of being on the Community Relations Committee is the connections that he has been able to make through it. "When we all get together, we are all like a family. We all connect really well and have the same passion and drive to do whatever it takes for the kiddos."

Being a part of a committee, Willey has also had a lot of fun memories from throughout the year. "My favorite memory would have to e the first day when we all met, and we played a name game. We had to say our name and match it with an adjective with the same first letter as our name, and we had to repeat everyone else's name before us. It was a great first day and bonded us all."

There are many events throughout the year hosted by our committees. "So far I really enjoyed the DM Idol," Willey explained. "I was one of the two emcees for the event and it was such a fun experience to be with everyone. I had a great time with everyone and especially the two miracle kiddos that attended and preformed."

"What I take away is that there are many different ways to get involved with Dance Marathon. It is all a collective effort and everyone has a role on the team. It's great to see how many different ways people can get involved," Willey said. "I hope to take my collective efforts into my future and know that what I did will help the big picture in the future. Also, the leadership that I present withing my committee can expand onto my future career."

Getting more and more excited for the Big Event, Willey prepares to dance like no one is watching. "This will be one of those days you remember for the rest of your life. It truly changes who you are as a person," Willey says. "I would say when the Big Event comes, just to dance your heart out! Know that all your efforts the last couple of months were worth it. It will be time to go dance like you do in the mirror and have a great time with friends. Also, it is really heartfelt when you get to see those kiddos you dance for. It truly is a memorable night!"


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