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What to Expect at the Big Event

Amazed. When walking into the big event expect to be amazed. You first are walking through the Lang Hallway and seeing just a little orange. Then you will hit the Lang tunnel with some cool decorations but you won't know what will hit you next. You then get your orange water bottle and go to all the stations that are right before you enter the union.

You are in. The first thing you see is orange. Nothing in the union looks the same. You see balloon arches, your name on a wall, adorable photos, people running around, stairs leading you in every which way and of course many kiddos in purple.

You make your way downstairs to check out all of the amazing activities to do. Like silent disco because we know that you have always wanted to do it. Or into the craft room where miracle kiddos are doing coloring sheets or bracelets being made. Or better yet watching kiddos get their face painted! Then you make your way down the hallways to check out a science room where you can make slime and glitter bottles and touch all these cool things. Or you head in to play some video games with some kiddos.

Or you spend your day upstairs playing on the inflatables with kiddos because they will want to play on those for hours. Expect to be amazed at the energy people have to dance every hour.

In reality, expect your emotions to be all over. You will never have felt so much joy in one sitting as well as so much empathy and sadness for some families that you get to hear their stories. Or when you see a girl shaving her head for those kiddos who can't grow hair. Or your friend who said they would never cut their hair and they are up on stage letting a kiddo cut their hair. Expect when that goal goes up to be amazed at what this organization just raised. Nothing will be better.

Expect to have an amazing day with your friends, kiddos, randoms and all around you. Expect to talk to families and get to know them. Expect to find a new passion and wanting to be more involved. Expect to have an amazing day full of lots of love and joy.

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