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Power In The Moments

Since all the craziness of classes and work has slowed down, I have had time to reflect on the past year. It is SO easy to get overwhelmed with everything going on in life and only focus on the major goals you set for your future. For myself, those goals are; graduate college, find an adult job, move out of my apartment, get married, etc. I forget how important it is to live in the moment and simply enjoy the remaining time I have left in my college career. I constantly have to remind myself that if I only focus on the ‘big picture’ goals, I will miss out on some of the greatest moments of my life. These moments are the ones we experience when we take a step back and remember WHY we are here. These moments may be small and seem insignificant at the time, but these moments are truly the ones that change our lives.

For those of us involved in Dance Marathon, it’s the same story. We put all of our time and energy into those BIG goals because that’s exactly what we set out to do. As an organization, we have raised over $2.5 million For The Kids. We have done INCREDIBLE things. I challenge you all to focus on the moments. The moment you decided to be a dancer. The moment you realized WHY you dance For The Kids. The moment your heart broke during a family story, and you chose to DO MORE because it inspired you that much. The moment you gave a kiddo a chance to be a kid again by spending time with them at an event. The moment you chose to join our movement. The moment you chose to fight For The Kids.

There is so much POWER in these moments. It is easy to forget the power of a single person in a single moment. I encourage you all to remember how powerful YOU can be in a person’s life. The moments you spend dancing with our kiddos, fundraising for the hospital, and spreading awareness for childhood illness are priceless.

Yes, we have huge goals for ourselves. Yes, we will continue to push ourselves to reach those goals. However, we cannot forget how powerful we as individuals are in those moments. YOU are inspiring people in those moments. YOU are providing hope and comfort for our families in those moments. YOU are changing kid’s health in those moments. And these moments, the

moments that seem small, are the moments that can start a movement.

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