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Remotivation for 2020

Hello, everyone! UNI Dance Marathon wishes you a happy winter break! While we are in our houses, snuggled next to the people we love, we cannot forget those who are unable to do so. Thousands of kids in Iowa are staying at the hospital during this season; they have no option to “sit back and relax” because they are in the fight for their lives. THIS is why we push for donations NOW! For some, fundraising during the season of giving is no challenge, while others find it difficult to find new meaning and motivation. Luckily, we are here to help!

Our website, and many of our blogs, give ideas for good fundraising tactics. If you find yourself in a pickle, go check out one of those to see how you can raise as much as you can! However, trying to fundraise may not get you far if you are losing the true reason and purpose of Dance Marathon. Take the time to look around you: your house, your family, the gifts, and great supply of holiday food. For families in the hospital, the money saved up for holidays is not spent on a turkey or fancy gifts, but for medical bills, gas to and from the healthcare facility, and a small meal to share together in the hospital.

You may think fundraising is hard (and it can be), but nothing can compare to the physical and emotional trauma brought on by childhood illness. As we think of new ways to ask for donations, remember that the effort put forth towards this is benefiting families who put their entire heart and soul into their battles. We cannot take a day off because the kiddos don’t either! The new year is coming soon, so make a resolution to recall, everyday, why what we do is so important. From asking people door-to-door, to messaging long distance friends to add to the cause, the fight must continue.

So, this holiday season, remind yourself how lucky you are, and never forget WHY we push for donations-- it truly does save lives. Keep looking at our blogs each week for new motivation and strategies for fundraising. Every time you get a donation, you create a ripple that reaches far beyond anything you know; it stretches from Iowa to all across the country in families that share stories of the amazing work DM does. So, from all of Dance Marathon, have a wonderful rest of your break and KEEP FUNDRAISING FTK!

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