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New Decade Same DM

Not only is the year coming to an end, but so is the decade. When a decade ends, it is fun to look back and see what was done. In this last decade, UNI Dance Marathon has accomplished so many things. At the start of the decade, we were just a thought, just an idea in a few student's heads. We held our first Big Event in 2012, where we absolutely crushed the goal of $12,000 by raising $56,473.01. Ever since that day Dance Marathon at UNI has gone above and beyond raising a total of $2,667,188.

Not only has UNI DM raised the bar in fundraising, we have also done things that other programs want to imitate. Last year we held the very first benefit concert ever done by a Dance Marathon program. While the decade and the year is coming to an end and everything is changing, UNI Dance Marathon isn’t.

We are still going to fundraise and raise awareness for kids with life threatening illness and injury. We are still going to push boundaries and continue to exceed goals. While we won’t be making big changes in the start of the new decade, there are some cool things happening in DM that is different. So be on the lookout for new things coming in the next few months and don’t forget that we are only 2 months away from the Big Event so we all need to continue to fight for our kiddos!

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