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Winter Break Fundraising

Happy Winter Break! Congratulations on finishing another semester! As many of us will be relaxing over break, our kiddos will still be fighting their fight. After February 29th 2020, we will forever look back at the thousands of miracles that we made throughout the year. During break, with the absence of classes, we have the opportunity to dedicate more of our time to our mission. This is a great time to reach out to those you have not seen recently and explain to them the organization you have become involved with here at UNI!

In honor of our 67 miracle kiddos, here are 67 ways to fundraise over break! You can also check out the fundraising packet on our website!

  1. Embarrass yourself on social media

  2. Collect spare change

  3. Sell your favorite diy project

  4. Sign up for one of our canning opportunities

  5. Run a mile for every 20 dollars you get

  6. Donate money from your daily coffee one day

  7. Collect and return cans

  8. Sell your old clothes to plato’s closet

  9. Offer to do chores for your neighbors

  10. Offer to babysit in exchange for a donation

  11. Design and sell coffee mugs for donations.

  12. Offer to write every donor' name on your shoes at the Big Event.

  13. Put a change jar at your local businesses

  14. Complete dares for donations

  15. Go Live on Facebook & do pushups/sit-ups for donations

  16. Do chores for your neighbors

  17. Talk to your professors from your classes.

  18. Talk to your highschool teachers

  19. Host a game/trivia night with an entry fee

  20. Put on a bake sale

  21. Put on a garage sale back home

  22. Start a penny war at your family holidays.

  23. Pour cold water over yourself for donations

  24. Go door to door for monetary donations

  25. Face your fears for donations. Hate pickles? Eat them for a donation!

  26. Offer to write every donors’ name on your arm or shoes at the Big Event

  27. Dance in public for donations

  28. Ask celebrities for donations

  29. Do a donation poll on instagram

  30. Pie yourself in the face for donations

  31. Make yourself an ice cream sundae for donations

  32. Make a speech at your family holiday

  33. Teach a fitness class for free will donations

  34. Crack eggs over your head per donations

  35. Talk to your local church

  36. Mention something in your family christmas cards!

  37. For every donation, post an embarrassing childhood picture!

  38. Take someone's family christmas pictures for free will donations

  39. Make bracelets to sell

  40. Sponsor an inch of your hair to donate at the Big Event!

  41. Sponsor an hour at the big even Ex: hour 1 = $1

  42. Set up a jean week at your high school (staff pay 5 dollars to wear jeans all week)

  43. Team up with an independent distributor for part commision to UNI DM

  44. Participate in 12 days of DM for fun fundraising challenges

  45. Cover yourself in peanut butter for donations

  46. Do the blazin challenge for donations

  47. Do random acts of kindness for donations!

  48. Sell tie blankets!

  49. Polar plunge for donations

  50. Take dares for donations

  51. Smoothie Challenge! For every donation the donor adds in an ingredient of their choice

  52. Help take down neighborhood holiday lights for a donation!

  53. Shovel snow

  54. Sell your old textbooks for donations

  55. Make scrunchies and sell them

  56. Virtual caroling- donor request a song for you to sing to them!

  57. Venmo request your friends FTK!

  58. Do snow angels for donations!

  59. Post your “why” on social media!

  60. Have a get together and encourage free will donations

  61. Give up your favorite food for an amount of donations

  62. Donate a night of your tips!

  63. Shout out each donor on facebook!

  64. Ask for donations rather than christmas gifts!

  65. Share graphics about what certain dollar amounts are funding!

  66. Auction off a home cooked meal by you!

  67. Sell stickers on RedBubble!

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