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How To: For Freshmen

As a freshman coming into UNI, I felt excited and a little terrified. I was worried about meeting new people and making friends. I was also scared I wouldn’t find my “place” on campus. Several upperclassmen encouraged me to join some clubs, and it just so happened that the one day I walk into Mauker Union, friendly girls, dressed in orange, persuaded me to join Dance Marathon. I thought to myself, ‘Perfect! But, what do I do now?’ Luckily I have some tips for other freshman who are starting their dance marathon journey! Tip 1: Look to your morale captain for support and advice because that’s what they are there for! Ask them about tips on fundraising. Tip 2: Attend all the dancer workshops! These offer great tips on fundraising and you’ll learn about upcoming events! You’ll also get to hear from miracle families.

Tip 3: Join a committee! A committee is a great way to get even more involved. Normally, the committee will offer incentives or challenges for fundraising. It’s a great way to build leadership and make new friends! Tip 4: Find your reason why you dance. For freshman this can be a little difficult. You don’t need to have someone to dance for. Maybe it’s as simple as dancing for more smiles or dancing for free parking for DM families. Once you find your reason, you’ll feel much more passionate about fundraising! Tip 5: Post, Post, Post! We all have social media, so don’t be scared to let all your friends and family know what you’ve been doing on campus. Let them know your purpose! You could say something fun like: “Anyone who donates $5 will get to smash a pie in my face.” These are just some of the tips I have found to be helpful as a freshman joining dance marathon. It can be overwhelming at first, but everyone is so willing to help. All you have to do is ask! And remember, what you’re doing matters.

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