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Focusing on our Mission

Most people know we raise money for children fighting life-threatening illnesses/injuries because that is what we do as an organization. This is a very important aspect of our organization, but an even bigger role we play is providing any support (physically, mentally, emotionally) to our families while raising awareness on the battles their children are facing/have faced.

I know we sometimes get lost in the numbers and with that we sometimes feel we are not doing enough because fundraising starts getting tough. I want to tell you that you are doing enough. You signed up to make a difference, you made the initial move to put yourself out there by educating people on UNI Dance Marathon and asking people for donations. I have always told people that a relationship with any of our miracle families is something that cannot be replaced because it will be cherished by them forever. When you have the opportunity to get to know a miracle family, or their child, take it and listen to their stories. This year we have added five families to our program. That means we have welcomed them into our UNI Dance Marathon family with open arms and loving hearts.

When you feel like your fundraising is at your lowest, remember that everything you are doing does not go unnoticed and do not give up. There is someone out there who sees your dedication and passion towards this organization. We have all been in that place and I promise there are people who want to help you continue doing big things in UNI Dance Marathon and continue growing in the organization. After four years in this program, I can say that I have been there multiple times. Always remind yourself to never give up because you are always doing big things For The Kids.

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