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Why Dance Marathon

UNI Dance Marathon is one of the largest organizations located at the University of Northern Iowa. This organization raises awareness and funds for children fighting life-threatening diseases and injuries, all the funds we raise go to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital in Iowa City. This hospital has impacted so many people’s lives and is nationally ranked in several different specialty areas.

Coming into my first year at UNI, I had never heard of UNI Dance Marathon, my first-year roommate became a morale captain and recruited me for her team. Little did I know that signing up for Dance Marathon would change my life forever.

Being a college student, many people believe that we don’t have the ability to make an impact due to taking classes and other commitments college students have. This is so untrue, by being a part of Dance Marathon you truly are making a difference. You are impacting so many families’, families that you could possibly meet someday and others that you will never meet.

This is something so much bigger than ourselves, this isn’t something every college student does. Be proud of yourself and your peers. Spread the Dance Marathon love every chance you get. Think of the kiddos who have to fight every day when you are needing inspiration and motivation. Until there is a cure, there is a cause. #PowerOfYou

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