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The Power of $72,556.44

Wednesday night kicked off Push Day, 24 hours dedicated to fundraising as much as dancers can for the kids. The end of Push Day was celebrated through the Orange Party. Starting at 6 in the upper courts of the WRC, kiddos got a chance to celebrate with the dancers before the big reveal. Every hour, a family shared their story and journey with Dance Marathon. Dancers got to hear stories from Meara O’Brien, Rose Wolff, and Keiana James.

Dancers and families got to enjoy pizza, drinks, games, and of course dancing. The Quarters also joined in on the fun by sponsoring a matching hour from 5-6 and donating our push day t-shirts. At 8:30, Power Half-Hour took place. Every dancer was asked to reach out to 8 people to donate. These 8 donations were for the kiddos who are always in our hearts and couldn’t be there to help celebrate at the orange party. During the last half hour of Push Day, dancers continued to push as hard as they could to get those last minute donations.

As 9 rolled around, dancers anxiously waited for the big reveal. The silent crowd watched as the Assistant Directors announced the amount generated from Push Day. The crowd erupted into tears and smiles as they found out we raised $72,556.44! What an amazing accomplishment! Dancers will continue to fundraise until the big event when hopefully we will discover we’ve achieved our goal of $700,000.00! Keep reaching for the stars! #PowerOfYou #FightingFor700k

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