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Regan’s Summer Time Fundraising #SunsOutFundsOutFTK

August 26th is approaching faster than we know it. However, it is never too late to start summer fundraising! UNI DM wants to encourage dancers to fundraise during the summer, even without a donor drive, by collecting cash or checks made out to UNI Dance Marathon. #SunsOutFundsOutFTK

Looking for some tips and tricks on summer fundraising? Stay tuned for our summer blogs, giving dancer advice and highlighting unique fundraising ideas.

“In Dance Marathon you hear a lot of stories. Powerful stories, Sad stories, and of course Happy stories. No story is forgotten or too small because Dance Marathon acknowledges that everyone has A story worth being heard. Battling a life threatening illness or injury is tough and not feeling alone is sometimes what makes it bearable, and to me that's why I do what I do,” explained Regan Rowenhorst, UNI Dance Marathon 2020 Director of Morale. Regan is in her second year participating in Dance Marathon. She channels her passion for the kids into her fundraising and dedication to the organization.

As Director of Morale, Regan takes on the huge role of spreading excitement around campus about UNI Dance Marathon. Regan works to support the forty morale captains throughout the year, helping dancers fundraise and get hyped. Regan described a particular story that stood out to her and contributes to her determination to dance. “The one story that will always stick out to me was about a parent with a dancing in our heart kiddo. She said the day of the big event was her favorite day of the year because she was called by her child's name. As a parent you relish in the fact that you are “Sophie's mom” or “Jack’s dad” and at the big event she gets to be called after her child’s name. It's a simple way of not being forgotten and knowing that the story of your child is important.”

When it comes to fundraising, Regan says crafting is key and summer is a great time to get a jump start. “This summer has been craft city for me. During the year I get very busy and sometimes almost run out of time on the orders I receive; so this summer I am creating a plethora of different items to sell throughout the year.” Planning your fundraising ahead of time is a great way to stay organized and on top of it during the school year.

“It is nice outside which means you have options that aren’t usually available during the school year, plus time! Whether that is going door to door in your hometown, lemonade stands, babysitting, or outdoor chores.” Creativity is key, take advantage of the skills and connections you have in order to meet your fundraising goals. Regan also plans on having a garage sale this summer with all the proceeds going to Dance Marathon. A great way to clean out your closet while supporting Dance Marathon, a win-win situation!

Other fundraising ideas and advice Regan mentioned were creating raffle baskets, hosting small photo shoots, canning, running and having people sponsor miles, setting up change jar competitions in businesses, or, if possible, bussing at Pizza Ranch for tips as donations. There are so many options for fundraising. Regan encourages dancers to find out what works best for them. “Fundraising is something that is always fluctuating. There will be killer ideas that work and others that don’t. You just have to find the ones that work for you and roll with it.”

Why is it important to summer fundraise? Regan says, “We have said it before and we will say it again, Dance Marathon is a year long movement. These kids are fighting 365 days a year so we should too!”

We can’t wait to get hyped with you this year, Regan! Good luck on your summer fundraising! #SunsOutFundsOutFTK

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