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#SunsOutFundsOutFTK: Summer Fundraising Tips & Tricks

Summer is finally here!

UNI Dance Marathon has released a new summer campaign, #SunsOutFundsOutFTK. UNI DM wants to encourage dancers to fundraise during the summer, even without a donor drive, by collecting cash or checks made out to UNI Dance Marathon.

Looking for some tips and tricks on summer fundraising? Stay tuned for our summer blogs, giving dancer advice and highlighting unique fundraising ideas.

Meet Maddison Shupe!

Maddison participated in UNI Dance Marathon 2019 and is the new Assistant Director of Outreach for UNI DM 2020. When asked, ‘Why she dances?’ Maddison replied, “I am involved with DM because I wanted to commit myself to something other than academics. The kiddos can teach you so many life lessons by a simple smile”.

Within the Outreach Committee, dancers collaborate with surrounding school districts to plan mini marathons. Maddison explained her favorite part of being involved in the Outreach Committee; “The kids have a great time dancing and having money jar competitions, but the neatest thing to witness is kids helping kids.”

Maddison has already been hard at work in support of UNI Dance Marathon 2020. “I think it is important to start fundraising in the summer because it raises so much more awareness. The kiddos fight year around, so can we. Fundraising the whole year will keep the real reason why we dance close to our hearts,” she explained. Maddison has started collecting cans and bottles. She also intends to teach a few fitness classes in her hometown for a free will donation. Maddison suggests selling baked goods at a hometown event, babysitting, starting a closet clean out, and canning at local events as good fundraising starters.

“My advice to dancers looking to fundraise this summer is to step out of their comfort zone.” Maddison has been taking advantage of the time, resources, and connections she has in her hometown. “Whether it is talking in front of people at a town event or asking the neighbor if they have any odd jobs they need done for a free will donation, DO IT! Ultimately, remember why you are doing it, FTK!”

Good luck on your summer fundraising, Maddison! #SunsOutFundsOutFTK

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