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Promoting our Mission & Capturing your Memories

And the last committee spotlight of the year, but certainly not the least: media committee. We are the committee behind all these blogs, but we are so much more than that.

Media committee is all about promoting the mission of UNI Dance Marathon among students and beyond through tons of different ways. The committee is split into two subcommittees which work together to create a cohesive online brand for UNIDM. The marketing side works on the words, ideas, campaigns, social media and these blogs for this organization! This side of the committee collaborates with the design side of the committee which produces graphics, videos and photos for UNI Dance Marathon. Together, each part of the committee creates the content that gets people talking about UNIDM both on campus and off.

The media committee is incredibly creative, but is comprised of students from all sorts of majors and interests. We have education majors learning design, creating t-shirt mock-ups and social media graphics and public relations majors learning the ins and outs of blog writing and everything in between. There is a place for everyone in media committee because there is always new ways to learn how to promote our organization and our mission.

Media committee also has the photographers you can find at most DM events to capture your memories. On the day of the Big Event, you may see media committee members snapping your photo for a Facebook album or for a tweet or capturing boomerangs for the Instagram story. Media not only promotes the organization all year long, but has the opportunity to capture the Big Event as little memories in the form of social media posts, photos, and videos.

Sincere thank you to each and every member of the media committee who work tirelessly all year each week and at every event to promote the mission of UNI Dance Marathon and to capture the memories we will have for a lifetime.

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