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Planning, Planning, and More Planning.

Planning, organizing, supplying, and setting up the many UNI Dance Marathon events is quite the task, but the event planning committee has stepped up and has been doing it all year. Nicole Deir explains that the committee is constantly trying to come up with new events that they believe the organization will benefit from.

This is Nicole’s first year in Dance Marathon and is on the event planning committee, along with being a Morale Captain for team 30. She explains, “I chose to be involved in Dance Marathon because I've only heard amazing things about it. I think it is really special way to dedicate your time in college to better yourself, but also work really hard to make miracles happen every day to better other people, as well!” Nicole does not think it’s challenging being involved in both morale and the event planning committee, but the director of event planning, Lauren Gootee, claims being in both requires a lot of time and effort. Lauren noticed Nicole makes this look effortless. She is all always open to new ideas and is willing to help out wherever needed. She comes to meetings ready to work!

The event planning committee meets on Mondays and spend their time talking through and planning upcoming events. They look at possible locations, food options, supplies, and they choose what kinds of activities they want happening at all the events. “This committee is unique, because we're the ones behind the scenes making sure that everything is going smoothly. A lot of people don't know how much work actually goes into planning and setting up these events,” Nicole said. The event planning committee is also in charge of all the fundraising that goes on at Big Event.

Nicole already loves UNI DM because "everyone in the organization is so supportive of each other!” Her choice to be join the event planning committee has also been rewarding: “the best part of the event planning committee is the people. Everyone in this committee is so nice and welcoming!" Nicole’s favorite memory so far from this year is when the event planning committee bonded as they were doing work and prepping for the Big Event talking all about the Bachelor.

Nicole is doing an amazing job at fundraising and is finding so many creative ways to get people to donate to her. Keep up the good work, Nicole and the whole event planning committee! Thank you for all the hard work you all are doing FTK.

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