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The Power of Community

The days before the Big Event are dwindling, but our fundraising cannot dwindle with it. We have to continue each day on this year-long movement fundraising and spreading awareness about Dance Marathon. Think you have run out of people to ask for donations? Let's just talk about an incredible resource - your community back home.

For many of us, we came to college having established an incredible support system back home. We leave the safety and familiarity of our hometowns to grow here at college, but our communities back home can be incredibly powerful. After all, the people of your community want to see you succeed and love to hear about your journey at college. So, just when you think you've asked everyone to donate to our mission, reach out to people in your community.

Write your neighbors.

Email your old teachers.

Reach out to old family friends.

Call businesses back in your hometown.

Your community is filled with human resources and people who care about you. Let the people of your community know about UNI Dance Marathon. Tell them why you joined, why you raise money, and why your work for this organization matters. Spread awareness and ask if these same community members can contribute. Reaching out to the community that has cheered you on may be the key to reaching or exceeding your fundraising goals.

So, in these last weeks and days before our Big Event and our Big Reveal, we encourage you to discover the power of your community by reaching out and asking for their help to reach your goal, along with our organization's goal of raising $620,000 for the kids.

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