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A Month From Now

Hey Everybody!

We are currently a month away from the biggest day of the year for Dance Marathon. All the hard work you have done so far is about to culminate at this year’s Big Event. While Dance Marathon is a year long movement, everyone looks forward to the Big Event because it is where people can see the full effect they have on the lives of those 62 kiddos.

For those of you who are new to DM, I am sure that you are wondering what the heck the Big Event is. You have all heard of it and know that is the BIG celebration at the end of the DM year where everyone comes and gathers for 12 hours of dancing, fun, and overall happiness. What you might not know is what the Big Event does. The Big Event is used to celebrate the Kiddos of our organization.

These kiddos have been through so many difficult things in their lives. When it comes time for the Big Event, the kiddos are able to forgot all of those difficult times and all of the doctors visits for 12 hours. They get to hangout with college kids (which at a young age is super cool), they got to have fun and run around and not worry about their illness or injury. The Big Event is also a time for the miracle families to relax. Having a life threatening illness or injury isn’t just hard on the kiddos themselves, it is hard on the parents who have to keep a careful watch over their kiddo and who are constantly worried about their kid. The Big Event allows the families to take a deep breath and not worry as much about their kid and just have fun as a family because many times the Big Event is the only fun the family can have and sometimes it is the only vacation the families have away from the hospital. This and many more things are what the Big Event is for!

Being a month away from the Big Event means we are in crunch time for DM. If you haven’t reached the minimum, now is the time to think of a new way to reach your donors! We all want to celebrate this year at the Big Event with you, so continue to push yourself each and every day leading up to March 2nd. If you have already hit the minimum that is AWESOME!! Once you have hit the minimum, continue to fundraise. The only way we can reach $620,000 is if we do it together. We fundraise every day because the kiddos we support have to fight each and every day. Kids who fight each and every day deserve our support each and every day. That’s why we fundraise.

A month from now you won’t remember the things you are currently worried about. A month from now you will be surrounded by the joy of kids and the love of 1,000 fellow students who all have the same passion as you do. As Karen Lamb said, “a year from now you will wish you had started today.” Don’t stop fundraising and spreading awareness now because a year from now you will have wished that you did more.

Good luck in this final month and I can’t wait to see you at the Big Event.


Grant Tiarks

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