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62 Ways to Raise $200

The number 62 has been a symbol for us all year. Each minute, 62 children enter a Children's Miracle Network hospital for treatment. 62 inspired our goal for push day where we pushed ourselves to raise $62,000 in just one day. The number is our inspiration for our year-long goal of #620ThousandStories. At the end of this year-long movement, we will find out if we were able to raise $620,000 FTK, but every day until then, we have to keep fundraising. With a new pledge minimum of $200, we compiled a list of ideas for fundraising when you think your tradition methods have been worn out. To keep a theme, we came up with 62 different ways to raise $200 before March 2nd.

1. Search your couch cushions for spare change.

2. Shovel driveways in exchange for donations.

3. Volunteer to dog or cat sit for donations. (You could even download the app Rover to connect with people who need dog sitters)

4. Sign up for canning at Gallagher-Bluedorn events.

5. Set out coin jars in your house, at your work, and anywhere you think you could gather spare change.

6. Participate in the Sidecar Art Auction on February 12th.

7. Design and sell coffee mugs for donations.

8. Offer to do snow angels in the snow for donations.

9. Donate plasma and donate the money you make to your donor drive.

10. Donate to yourself the money you would have spent on coffee or food for a week.

11. Snapchat everyone on your friends list to ask for donations.

12. Collect and return cans.

13. Post your why on social media.

14. Host a valentine delivery service for donations.

15. Offer to teach lessons of something you are good at for donations (ie: dancing, art, photography).

16. Send out Venmo requests.

17. Set up a fundraising contest at your parents' office where each department competes to raise the most money.

18. Sell your old clothes at Plato's closet.

19. Do chores for donations.

20. Make and sell friendship bracelets.

21. Hold a movie night for friends with a small admission fee.

22. Talk to businesses back home. Ask if they will donate to your cause.

23. Knit scarves and sell them.

24. Email your professors, past and present, to ask for donations.

25. Write fundraising letters to your neighbors back home.

27. Reach out to old teachers.

28. Make tie blankets for donations.

29. Tutor an underclassmen for donations.

30. Do cartwheels in the snow for donations.

31. Embarrass yourself for donations.

32. Offer to babysit in exchange for a donation.

33. Post embarrassing videos of yourself for every donation.

34. Post ugly pictures of yourself for every donation.

35. Paint someone’s nails for a donation.

36. Clean someone’s car for a donation and then ask if you can keep spare change you find to add to your donor drive as well!

37. Edit someone’s pictures for a donation.

38. Become a personal photographer for an event or professional headshots for donations.

39. Start a penny war with friends.

40. Jump in a pool for donations.

41. Create some embroidery pieces or other art for donations.

42. Post on social media offering to sing karaoke for a cause when you a receive donation. Share your singing on Facebook or Instagram live.

43. Sell your forehead for advertising space for a day like writing someone's name on your forehead.

44. Face your fears for donations. Hate onions? Tell people you will eat some in exchange for donations.

45. Offer to write every donors’ name on your arm or shoes at the Big Event.

46. Knit mug sweaters and sell them! (it’s easy! Look it up on Pinterest!)

47. Dance in public (ie: the grocery store) for donations.

48. Make and sell some orange dance marathon bracelets.

49. Post a video of yourself with your story and why you dance #ShareYourStory.

50. Do push-ups/sit-ups/burpees for donations.

51. Run miles for certain size donations (1 mile = $10, $20...etc.)

52. If you work, donate a certain percentage of each paycheck to your donor drive.

53. Bake some yummy treats and sell them.

54. Set up kissing booth with your dog.

55. Have a birthday coming up? Ask for the gift of a donation.

56. Live on campus? Sell your unused flex meals.

57. Host a game night with entry fee.

58. Decorate dorm doors for a donation.

59. Challenge people to a ping pong tournament with an entry fee.

60. Ask businesses back home if you can set out a donation jar at checkout.

61. Make a fun checklist with different fundraising amounts and challenge yourself to complete it.

62. Share some kiddo stories to Facebook to show your friends who their donations help.

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