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The Cause-Connected Committee

Everything that UNI Dance Marathon does is centered around the miracle kiddos and their families. The Family Relations committee is an integral part of UNI DM, as they work to connect dancers with the kiddos and their families. The committee is divided into two sub-committees: Family Involvement, and Family Events. Family Involvement is dedicated to designing and decorating the Family Room at the Big Event, along with planning fundraisers and spreading awareness through events around campus. Family Events plans fun events for both families and dancers so that everyone has the chance to meet as many kiddos as possible. Family Events also buys gifts for each miracle kiddo as a nice surprise on their birthday!

For second year dancer, Taylor Wheeler, Family Relations is the perfect committee to be a part of. “This committee focuses on the families and I am a very family oriented person. I cherish every moment I spend with my family and being on this committee ensures that the time the miracle families spend at the Big Event is a great time.”

Family Relations has several events that they plan or attend during the year, and each one is a chance to make connections with more miracle families. “ Personally, I think the best part of being on this committee is getting to know the kiddos and their families. I have a lot of fun memories, but my favorite was the orange party when I hung out with the kiddos and heard stories from families that I had not heard before.”, Wheeler said.

The director of the Family Relations Committee, Hailey Myers, nominated Taylor as an outstanding member of the committee. “Taylor has been an amazing committee member this year. She is always asking me questions about how to get more involved. I love her enthusiasm towards the committee showdown, as well. She is also incredibly creative when it comes to fundraising,” Myers said.

While every committee is FTK, the Family Relations committee has the privilege of working directly for and with the kiddos and their families. The members are closely connected with the cause of our organization. Wheeler says, “I believe that every child deserves a chance at life and every child deserves an education. If I can fundraise allowing students to see another day and to get an education, I would not think twice.”

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