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I Hit My Goal, Now What

I Hit My Goal!... Now What?


A mandatory “Happy Dance” should definitely be set aside to do. Whether the dance is public, private, broadcasted through all of social media, etc. is all your choice. But definitely take a moment to celebrate such a huge accomplishment.

Secondly, thank those who got you to this point. You definitely did not do this alone. Share with the world and all your donors what you have all achieved together. Social media is a great way to share your big news. But also set aside some time to send out either personalized cards, texts, or even direct messages to those who have taken that extra step for the kids and donated to your fundraiser. A little-personalized appreciation can go a long way.

Third, do your research. So you’ve raised your goal of $500? What can $500 do to change one kid’s life? Will it help pay for medical bills? Transportation? Equipment? Knowledge is power. Sharing your research can really tie things closer to home and really impact all those involved. Because the money you have raised much more than a number; it is a lifeline.

And finally, PUSH THE LIMITS!

I decided to push myself my senior year and have my own personal goal be $620. Flash forward 18 days after first signing up for this year’s campaign, I had already raised a total of $650! As of this blog post, I have raised $1029. I never even knew I could reach the comma club, much less exceed $1,000. This year has truly been a sign for me to push myself beyond my limits. I keep pushing my goal further and further back. It’s both exciting and motivational to have to set new goals for myself. Who knows what number I end on now! And I hope to see you set new goals for yourself in the near future!

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