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Christmas Memories from our Miracle Families

Merry Christmas from all of UNI Dance Marathon! Our Miracle Families have some of their favorite holiday memories that they wanted to share with you!

Addie Brenden: Being released from the hospital BMT unit on Christmas Eve 2014 after over 50+ days in the hospital and almost losing our Addie girl! It was a true Christmas miracle and a gift from God that we were able to bring her home. A memory we will remember forever.

Rose Wolff: Every Christmas with my family is special because it means we are together.

Michael Lang: When Michael was 4 years old he got cheese and crackers wrapped from his grandma. He also got socks wrapped up from his aunt and uncle. He was so excited to get them! You would have thought he got the best toys with his reactions. It was priceless.

Benny Barnard: Playing violin at church with grandma!

As we reflect on the year, some of these memories are ones we will cherish forever. Have a wonderful holiday spent with friends and family!

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