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Push Day 2018 Recap

Every minute, 62 children enter a Children's Miracle Network Hospital for treatment. 62 has become an important number for UNI Dance Marathon this year. It's why our goal for the year is $620,000, and on Thursday, October 4th, our program got a big jump on fundraising with our annual Push Day.

Our Push Day goal was $62,000 and we had about 1,320 minutes on Push Day to hit our goal.

In that time, we had fundraising challenges and Hype Room activities.

In that time, we played with dogs from the humane society and wrote cards to our kiddos.

In that time, we sold DM merchandise and we wrote dozens of fundraising messages.

In that time, we had our Orange Party, heard family stories, played bags, danced, and pied some Panthers.

In that time, we raised $67,539.49.

In the same amount of time it took us to raise that much money, 81,840 children entered a CMN hospital.

And that is why we continue to fundraise. That is why it is important we fundraise every day until March 2nd, 2019. This is and will be a year long movement every year for as long as children face life-threatening illnesses and injuries.

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