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Tate's Tale

It's been one year since the Manahl's lives took a drastic turn. On this day one year ago, three year old Tate was partially run over by a riding lawn mower. This horrible accident produced life-threatening injuries for Tate. He was quickly taken to Wheaton Franciscan Hospital in Waterloo to stabilize Tate before transporting him by airlift to the University of Iowa Stead Children's Hospital. A team of 70 operated on Tate to save his life and limbs.

Tate sustained three major injuries from this horrific accident. One to his abdomen causing problems with his bowels, one to his left leg from his hip to his knee, including damage to a growth plate around his knee, and one to his right leg from his knee to his foot.

Already 25 surgeries deep on the long road to recovery, Tate and his family face risk of rejection, blood clots, and other complications with each new surgery. Doctors are continuing to help Tate and his family continue to face difficult decisions regarding his health.

Even with the setbacks of his injuries, Tate loves going outside, helping dad in the yard, and he looks forward to getting back to playing with his siblings, cousins, and friends. Tate is also a recent big brother to his baby sister, Faith. He is looking up to big brother, Cason, to be the best big brother to his sister.

We are excited to welcome Tate and his family to our UNI Dance Marathon family. We look forward to watching Tate recover and grow with our organization!

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