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"F" is for Fundraising

Dance Marathon has many different committees, they all contribute in their own way to the big picture for why we dance, the kiddos. The Fundraising Committee is in charge of planning and organizing on-campus fundraising events for UNI Dance Marathon. The Fundraising Committee goes above and beyond to make sure all dancers have confidence in themselves while fundraising for our organization. They provide encouragement and incentives to help all members of UNI Dance Marathon stay on track with their fundraising goal.

Samantha Hawkins is new to Dance Marathon this year. "This is my first year in Dance Marathon," Hawkins said. "It is also my first year being on the Fundraising Committee."

"I chose the Fundraising Committee, because I like to help set up events and plan things," Hawkins said. "I also had a friend who knew Madison, on the executive board, so I thought it would be fun."

"F" is also for fun. Dance Marathon not only provides all of the dancers with fun activities, events and dance parties, but it provides fun for all of the kiddos we fight for.

The Fundraising Committee has many perks that set it a part from all of the other committees. "My favorite part of being on the Fundraising Committee is seeing the results of our events," Hawkins said. "It feels good to see smiling faces and helpful humans who want to help our kiddos."

"I really like being involved with helping the families and being there for the kiddos," Hawkins said.

Dance Marathon hosts a variety of events to get current dancers, as well as the community and campus involved. "I do not have a ton of memories with Dance Marathon yet, but my favorite memory so far would be DM Idol or hearing the kiddos stories at DM Does," Hawkins said. "I liked DM Idol because we saw the kiddos sing and just be themselves. After all, that is what Dance Marathon is about, the kiddos."

There are also events specifally to show appriciation for all of the hard work and dedication that the dancers put into this organization. The Black Tie Affair is one of the big events that lets the dancers dress up and enjoy the night. "It was fun to dance," Hawkins said.

The orange leaves a lasting impact to bring the entire organization together. The greatest impact is from the kiddos themselves, though. "From being in Dance Marathon I have learned to never take a day for granted," Hawkins said. "Always smile, even on the bad days. There is always someone who has it worse than you."

Everyone loves a little advice, especially when we're less than a week from the Big Event. "My advice for dancers would be to get involved," Hawkins said. "Dance Marathon is great, but it gets better once you are actively involved. Always, FTK."

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