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Introducing.... UNI Dance Marathon's New Miracle Kiddos!

This year, UNI Dance Marathon has welcomed 6 new miracle kiddos to our family. Each kiddo has battled or is battling their own diagnosis and is a reminder of what we as an organization are fundraising for: an end to childhood illness.

The new miracle kiddos UNI Dance Marathon welcomed this year are:

Miakay Woock:

Birthday: 6/30/2008

Diagnosis: Vision loss, PTSD, Anxiety, Chronic migraines, dyslexia and learning disability.

Brookyln Dane:

Birthday: 1/12/2011

Diagnosis: Spina Bifida

Cole Mikkelsen:

Birthday: 5/30/2012

Diagnosis: Pre-B ALL

Samuel Hartwig:

Birthday: 9/03/2004

Diagnosis: Ganglioglioma tumor, tumor was removed in 2012 and he has remained tumor free since, Sam is also autistic.

Austin Schroeder:

Birthday: 8/13/1999

Passing Date: 4/28/2015

Diagnosis: Stage 3 T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma

Madelynn Weaver:

More information to come!

We welcome these kiddos and their families to our organization! Look for these kiddos and their families, along with the other miracle kiddos and their families at the Big Event on March 3. Keep fundraising and making your mark FTK!

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