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I'm thankful for UNI Dance Marathon because...

Today marks 99 days out from the Big Event in March, so we wanted to share 99 reasons why our members are thankful for UNI Dance Marathon in 9 words or less:

I'm thankful for UNI Dance Marathon because...

1. "UNI students can join to be one FTK" - Jessica, Family Relations

2. "It allows me to share my blessings with others" - Darci, Morale

3. "Of all the amazing, passionate people I've met" - Kyle, Family Relations

4. "I get to be inspired by our awesome kiddos" - Family Relations

5. "Of all the moments we make memories last a lifetime" - Hannah, Development

6. "Of the kiddos' smiles" -Emily, Family Relations

7. "It gives me an opportunity to help" - Megan, Dancer

8. "My family has felt the impact at the hospital" -Abbey, Family Relations

9. "I found my true life's passion and future career" -Taylor, Family Relations

10. "Of the miracles this organization creates" - Alexis, Morale

11. "It gives kids the opportunity to just be kids" - Annie, Morale

12. "It gives kids the chance to see all life has to offer" - Elizabeth, Dancer

13. "It allows me to live everyday FTK" - Mackenzie, Morale

14. "We are changing kids' lives" - Moriah, Dancer

15. "I get to help kids be kids" - Cali, Family Relations

16. "I have the power to make miracles happen" - Tori, Development, Morale

17. "It pushes me out of my comfort zone" - Melissa, Family Relations

18. "It gives the kiddos hope who are fighting for more tomorrows" - Taylor, Corporate Partnerships

19. "It opened my eyes and made me more passionate" - Grace, Family Relations

20. "I am able to give hope to those who deserve it" - Sam, Corporate Partnerships

21. "There is nothing more rewarding than a kiddo's smile" - Jordan, Family Relations

22. "I get to connect with the kiddos" - Ashley, Development, Family Relations

23. "It taught me to cherish every moment in life" - Morgan, Family Relations

24. "So many miracles are made" - Emily, Development

25. "I can dance for a day we find a cure" - Madison, Family Relations

26. "Of the impact it has on all of the kids" - Jaci, Development

27. "CMN helped me as a premature kiddo" - Caroline, Family Relations

28. "It changed my life for the better" - Mallorie, Development, Family Relations

29. "I'm inspired by the kiddos who fight everyday" - Augusta, Family Relations

30. "I get to dance with the kids" -Morgan, Development

31. "We are a family helping families" - Cassie, Morale

32. "It gives us a chance to make a huge difference" - Hailey, Dancer

33. "It makes me feel strong when I am weak" - Courtney, Family Relations

34. "The families and kids" - Hanna, Dancer

35. "We're creating memories and making an impact that will last forever" - Samantha, Morale, Community Relations

36. "I get to positively impact so many deserving kiddos" - Taylor, Morale, Day of

37. "I'm surrounded by a group of positive people" - Cassidy, Morale

38. "It gives kids hope" - Grace, Day of

39. "It is this generation fighting for the next" - Lauren, Morale

40. "It's an opportunity to do something bigger than ourselves" - Maria, Fundraising

41. "It makes me realize that we are small comparatively" - Sami, Morale

42. "It's such a big sense of community for our families" - Faith, Day of

43. "We're saving lives" - Alonna, Family Relations

44. "Everyone is so supportive" - McKenzie, Community Relations, Day of

45. "It allows everyday people to make an extraordinary impact" - Maddie, Media

46. "We are actively benifitting our community" - Madison, Morale, Day of

47. "I get to photograph all the happy kiddo moments" - Alisha, Media

48. "We can make a lasting impact" - Sydney, Day of

49. "I know my actions can make a big difference" - Sarah, Media

50. "It brings people together for a good cause" - Kendra, Day of

51. "I can give hope to our kiddos and families" - Elinor, Media

52. "We can be heroes to these kiddos" - Noelle, Media, Fundraising

53. "I can dance for the kiddos who are forever dancing in our hearts" - Emily, Media

54. "It allows me to be a difference in someone's life" - Nick, Day of

55. "It makes the world a better place" - Olivia, Fundraising

56. "It can help families worry less about costs" - Nicole, Fundraising

57. "It has shown me how valuable this one life is" - Samantha, Fundraising

58. "The kids are so strong" - Allie, Media

59. "It has put my life into perspective" - Katie, Fundraising

60. "I've been exposed to something bigger than myself" - Katie, Fundraising

61. "It proves we all can make the impossible, possible" - Natalie, Fundraising

62. "It encourages me to make a difference" - Bailey, Media

63. "I get to actively see lives being changed" - Lindsey, Day of

64. "Our kiddos can have a bright future" - Hannah, Media

65. "Of the commitment to helping kids feel like kids while living in the hospital" - Montana, Family Relations, Day of

66. "Of the connections I've made with kiddos" - Noah, Morale

67. "The experience and feeling of the Big Event" - Hanna, Day of

68. "We dance for those who can't

69. "It has introduced me to the most courageous children" - Kayla, Media

70. "It reveals the good the world has to offer" - Jack, Community Relations

71. "It has made my college experience meaningful and worthwhile" - Conar, Day of

72. "Of the genuine friendships it sparks" - Kody, Morale, Media, Community Relations

73. "Of the lasting friendships and memories I've created" - Claire, Community Relations

74. "We advocate hope for kiddos now and tomorrow" - Lauren, Family Relations

75. "It has shown me that our kiddos are real heroes" - Brittany, Morale

76. "It gave me something to get involved with" - Cassidy, Family Relations

77. "Of my experiences connecting with kiddos at mini marathons" - Casey, Development

78. "I get to meet amazing kiddos" - Alli, Family Relations

79. "Children deserve chances" - Jayda, Community Relations

80. "We are trying to spread hope and love" - Emily, Family Relations

81. "Of the smiles the kiddos bring to my life" - Chloe, Development

82. "It shows that miracles truly do happen" - Haley, Family Relations

83. "It helped me see one of the bigger pictures in life" - Robert, Corporate Partnerships

84. "I get to make an impact on many lives" - Rachel, Family Relations

85. "It brings a community together for an important cause" - Lauren, Development

86. "of the impact it has" - Allie, Family Relations

87. "It gave me Meara and Keelin O'Brien" - Jessica, Morale

88. "Everyone is full of so much love" - Anne, Family Relations

89. "Of the joy a kiddo's smile brings" - Alyssa, Morale

90. "We can make a difference" - Anna, Family Relations, Day of

91. "I finally found something I'm passionate about" - Lauren, Morale

92. "Kids deserve miraculous chances" - Ella, Family Relations

93. "Now these kids don't have to fight alone" -Sydney, Dancer

94. "It challenges people to think beyond their capabilities" - Dani, Fundraising

95. "It taught me even the smallest gestures ignite hope" - Rylee, Morale

96. "I'm able to make a difference in the world" - Hanna, Morale, Fundraising, Day of

97. "It gives the kids a sense of togetherness" - Erica, Dancer

98. "It brings joy to so many people" - Emily, Family Relations

99. "The opportunities it creates" - Emma, Dancer

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