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"As a part of UNI Dance Marathon, we will center our efforts around our Miracle Families and use them as our driving force. With our Families at the forefront, we will seek to push the limits of what is possible with a motivated “never give up” attitude. Our mission will be to wholeheartedly fundraise with an actual goal in mind: Ending childhood illness. By providing support that fosters new ideas, growth and leadership, member involvement, and overall dedication to our organization, we will prove that THIS generation IS fighting for the next.”

This statement is our vision for UNI Dance Marathon 2018. It is how we evaluate our decisions and opportunities. It’s that extra “check point” to make sure everything we do aligns with the core values of UNI DM.

But what does this vision say about what our fundraising goal should be?

It says that our goal should be about the families and kiddos completely.

It says that this number should be difficult. It should challenge each and everyone of us to do all we can for the kids, even when we’re exhausted and want to give up.

It says that our number should go hand in hand with the underlying goal we all have: Dancing because there is no more childhood illness and kids are free to be kids.

It says that our goal should inspire creativity with new challenges that need new ideas. It should grow our leaders and strengthen the commitment of our members. It should be exciting and motivational.

Lastly, it says that our goal should prove that we are not just college students in an organization. We are strong, driven, and selfless individuals who are fighting each and every day to make this world a better place for the next generation.

With all this in mind, we found the number that could capture all the parts of our vision: $500,000.

Join our movement, make your mark, and be a part of something bigger than yourself! Half a million dollars is a lot of money, but we can’t do it on our own. Register today and be a part of our campaign to create #HalfAMillionMiracles!

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