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Alumni Interview: Lexi Moore

When and why did you join Dance Marathon?

I joined Dance Marathon as a Sophomore at UNI because I had a few friends who were heavily involved and they seemed to love it. It also seemed like a great way to meet new people and get involved on campus!

What roles did you have in Dance Marathon over the years?

In my first year with Dance Marathon I started as a Dancer and that's when I fell in love! My junior year I got more involved by joining the public relations committee! Then my senior year I had the privilege of being a Morale Captain (Group 28 fo lyfe) as well as helping out with PR.

What was your most memorable moment from Dance Marathon?

One of my most memorable moments from DM would have to be the big reveal at my first Dance Marathon. I think that was the moment that I truly saw the impact the organization was making in the lives of the Miracle Kiddos. Experiencing the energy in that room for the first time was what pushed me to get more involved!

What advice would you give to current DM participants?

My biggest advice to Dance Marathon participants would be to throw everything you have into your experience, for the kids. There is no feeling quite like looking up at the final number at the big reveal, subtracting what you raised, and realizing the impact that YOU made in the lives of children.

What was the best part about being involved with UNI DM?

I would have to say that the best part about being involved with UNI's Dance Marathon was meeting so many awesome people and sharing that experience with them!

How does DM still affect your life as an alumni?

Not only did my experiences with UNI DM come up in all of my job interviews after college but I also get to carry these amazing memories with me for the rest of my life.


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