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Dancer/Committee Member Spotlight: Amber Ramthun

Today’s Committee Member Spotlight is on Amber Ramthun, a senior from Nevada, Iowa studying Communication Sciences and Disorders.

When and how did you first hear about Dance Marathon?

I first heard about Dance Marathon when I was like in 8th grade. Iowa State DM had a telethon and my best friend’s brother has Cystic Fibrosis and would attend ISU DM. I knew I wanted to be a part of this movement. What is your role in the organization now?

I am on family relations committee for the day of. What is the best part about being involved in Dance Marathon?

The best part would be seeing the smiles of the kiddos knowing that your work is a small sliver of that smile. Also, meeting the little heroes and hearing their stories, gives you strength to know that you can get through anything.

What was the most memorable part about last year’s event?

I just like seeing the kids get to be kids. Their smiles light up the whole event and it’s a really great experience to witness

Why should other people be involved in Dance Marathon and attend this year’s event?

People should get involved in Dance Marathon

because we are the generation fighting for the next. It's a life changing experience that changes your outlook on life every day to be thankful for great health and the time spent with others. Also look at it as if one day you will have kids. You never know if you will be faced with a similar situation as these families. Be a part of this movement, so you can help kids just be kids.

Why do you think Dance Marathon has become so successful across the nation?

Because of the passion people have for kids. Also, families who have donated, then see the effects that Dance Marathon has on each family.

How has fundraising been successful for you and why would you encourage others to fundraise for DM?

I target easy things (like coffee money, or for every child who is healthy donate X amount of money). I don't look for large donations, because every bit counts, and usually people will throw in extra. I try to connect with the people reading my posts by relating it to their lives. I would encourage others to fundraise because every bit counts. Your dollar could be that dollar short of them receiving something that will turn their whole day around. You can be that change by getting that one-dollar donation.

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