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It’s a number that scares us as an executive board. It’s a number that we are nervous about. It’s a number that we know is going to take a lot of work to reach.

But that’s the thing; we can reach this. We are the University of Northern Iowa and we are capable of raising $400,000.

This year, we have set our goal to raise $400,000 by March 4, 2017!

It is a big number, but when we were deciding what we wanted to set our fundraising goal as, we chose $400,000 because we recognize that a goal is supposed to be scary, but we also had to ask ourselves the question, what is the cost of us not trying to raise this much money?

Before we ever talk about our goal, though, we will always lead with our kids. The kids that are treated at the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital are the reason that we are doing what we do. $400,000 is a big number for our program but it is more important for us to remain For The Kids with everything we do than it is to lead with a goal.

That is why this year, we will live #EverydayFTK while we try to raise #FT400K!

To register for our Big Event and start fundraising FTK, click below to join a team!

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