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We are for the kids. You know that. Your grandma knows that. Everybody that has ever seen our apparel knows that FTK is associated with Dance Marathon.

But why?

Why are we FTK? Why are we working to fundraise hundreds of thousands of dollars for kiddos treated at the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital?

Every year we talk about what UNI Dance Marathon stands for, yet we know that sometimes, people forget what FTK looks like on a daily basis.

As an executive team, living everyday FTK looks like spending time with our kiddos and their families while organizing this organization.

Our morale captains live everyday FTK by recruiting dancers to their teams.

Our committee members live everyday FTK by helping ensure that we put on high quality events for our community, our campus, and our families.

Our dancers live everyday FTK by fundraising and sharing our DM cause with everybody they know.

Living everyday FTK is something that has become the driving force behind everything this organization stands for, but when we don’t continually communicate that, then the message is lost to those who don’t know what FTK means.

But not anymore.

This year, UNI Dance Marathon is going to proudly declare that we are living #EverydayFTK and we want you to join us in doing so!

Every. Single. Day. UNI Dance Marathon is FTK. We are fighting for the kids. We are staying up late at meetings, for the kids. We are sending hundreds of donation letters, for the kids. We are telling everybody about Dance Marathon, for the kids. Every moment of everyday, UNI Dance Marathon is working, for the kids.

We will continue to focus on supporting the kiddos and their families. We will continue to focus on raising money for the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital. But first and foremost, we want everybody to know that UNI DM is living #EverydayFTK.

As you go through the year posting photos from UNI DM events or posting your Donor Drive asking your friends and families for donations to the cause, we’re asking that you use #EverydayFTK. This year, we are asking that you lead with for the kids so that everybody you know knows that you are living #EverydayFTK!

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