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$370.248.05 FTK

Wow. Back in August, we (the UNI DM Executive Team) sat down and planned out this past year of Dance Marathon. We decided we wanted to do everything BIGGER and BETTER than we ever have before. We wanted to become one step closer to a cure for childhood illness. Over the course of the year, we challenged the community, the student body, and ourselves to go above and beyond in everything we did. We hosted new fundraising events, revamped old ones, and overall we focused on doing everything FTK. As a 5th year program, we didn't want to follow the statistics. We didn't want to flat line, we wanted to continue to grow. We looked at every opportunity in front of us and figured out what we could do to improve our program. In the end, everything we accomplished wasn't because of us 13 executives. It was because of all of you. The committee members, students, faculty, staff, family, friends, and community members. You all believed in this organization and this cause. You believed in what we stand for and believed that the kiddos we raise money for deserve a better life. You believed we could get one step closer to a day without childhood illness. It is because of you, that we were able to raise $370,248.05 FOR THE KIDS; those aren't just numbers, but lives saved thanks in part to you! Thank you all for your support this year, we all have enjoyed serving in our positions. We are excited to see what new heights next year's executive team pursues; along with everything that will be accomplished FOR THE KIDS. ​-- The 2015-2016 UNI DM Executive Team Tanner Bernhard, Ellie Bullock, Sarah Hanson, Amanda Howard, Ben Konfrst, Greta Kos, Alyssa Meeker, Cheyene Robertson, Chelsea Roehm, Natalie Rork, Elizabeth Rossiter, Molly Smith, and Esther Vuong.

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