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I am not going to start my letter by getting into all of the amazing things that you can gain from UNI Dance Marathon. Hopefully you already know, if not you can scroll down through our blog and get an idea. Instead, I am going to ask you, what do you have to lose?

First, look at our website, then read our mission statement. After, if you can tell me that you do not care about joining after realizing what we do, then that's fair. However, I believe most of you will think differently. We are fighting for a future generation. Kiddos who have gone through unimaginable pain just for the right to grow old. They are fighting a fight that they did not sign up for.

Why? I ask myself this question too often. Why do bad things happen? My only answer is that these kiddos have gone through terrible things to show us what true strength looks like. College is hard. Life is hard. Being in this awkward not a teenager but not quiet and adult stage is hard.

But do you know what is not hard?

Being kind and compassionate to others. The kiddos we support have gone through much harder times, we all have our own battles but I would choose mine any day of the week. I would never wish an ill child on my worst enemy and I hope I never have to experience the pain that our kiddos endure.

By being a part of UNI Dance Marathon, we do much more than raise money, we are a support system, a family. Sometimes a mom needs to bring her kids to an event where she knows her kids will be safe, and she can have adult conversations with people who understand. Sometimes a family needs help to promote research in the name of a kiddo who has passed away. Sometimes a kiddo needs to hang out with some college kids to forget about their scars. This is when we are there. This is what UNI Dance Marathon is about. So what do you have to lose? Well, it costs $30 to sign up for the Big Event that is about 6 less coffees, 2 less times eating out, or 1 less weekend going out. In perspective of college expenses, $30 is not that bad. In perspective of saving lives, $30 seems pretty darn good. You are also going to lose about half a weekend. Friday night is free and so is Sunday. There will be plenty of time to do homework or hang out with friends outside of Dance Marathon. With that, I can promise you that Saturday will be life changing. It will be full of laughter, tears and love. Giving up half a weekend to save lives is well worth it in the long run.

Besides that….I cannot think of much. However, I CAN say, you will miss out on a lot of amazing experiences by not signing up for UNI Dance Marathon. There will be plenty of activities for all ages and genders for the entire twelve hours. You will get the chance to talk to kiddos and get to know their hearts. You will see the strength and inevitable hurt inside the eyes of parents, grandparents, and siblings. You will see relief and joy brought to families who may be in the darkest moments of their lives. You will lose a life changing experience if you do not sign up for UNI Dance Marathon. So, are you going to lose more by signing up or not signing up? The choice is yours.

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