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When and how did you first hear about Dance Marathon? During sophomore year of high school I was a part of student council and we had gotten approached by another school on hosting a Tri-County Mini Dance Marathon. Our student council’s then worked together and with the University of Iowa Dance Marathon to create a Dance Marathon at our school. After that I just knew I had to join Dance Marathon at whatever college I attended! What is your role in the organization now? This school year I am on the Family Relations committee. On this committee we formed sub-committees, and I am on the Children’s Cancer Connection committee. What is the best part about being involved in Dance Marathon? My favorite part of Dance Marathon is getting to know the families on a personal level and learning about the miracle kiddo’s diagnosis and how Dance Marathon has made an impact on their lives financially and emotionally. Dance Marathon is truly life changing and if a person takes the time to get to know the families and take in all their stories at the Big Event, they will understand how life changing and eye opening it is for us as college students. What was the most memorable part about last year’s event? To me the most memorable part of the event was the big reveal. With it being my first year participating in Dance Marathon at the college level, it was amazing to me to see how much money over 1,000 college students could raise for the kiddos, their families, and the University of Iowa Hospital. Why should other people be involved in Dance Marathon and attend this year’s event? Everyone should be involved in Dance Marathon because of the experience they will gain. Dance Marathon provides people with the opportunity of stepping out of their shell to ask for donations, speak with the families, and meet hundreds of other college students. If you don’t want to join a committee, be sure to attend the big event! Attending the big event opens your eyes to how many things we take for granted every day and how thankful we should be that we can live healthy lives. Why do you think Dance Marathon has become so successful across the nation? I think Dance Marathon is so successful because of all the students that pour their hearts out to the organization. Students work hard every day by asking for donations and raising awareness of the childhood illnesses that are being fought every day. This has helped open the eyes to others who haven’t dealt with the struggle these families face every day. More and more people donate every year to help create more miracles. How has fundraising been successful for you and why would you encourage others to fundraise for DM? Last year fundraising was very successful for me. I was able to raise $655. Fundraising this year has been off to a good start and very successful! I was able to reach my first fundraising goal of $500! I continue to get donations and I am working on reaching my next goal of $750. I encourage others to fundraise because to me that is the main reason of wanting to attend the Big Event! The whole reason of Dance Marathon is raising money for the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital. By fundraising you are providing families the chance to stay overnight in a hotel and stay close to their child, gas money to allow their children to get the proper treatment that they need, and money to fund a room in the PICU Unit of the new hospital. Fundraising is allowing children to have another day because of the treatments and research they are able to have done. Everything we do is For The Kids, so why not fundraise For The Kids?

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