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When and why did you initially get involved with Dance Marathon? I initially got involved with Dance Marathon because a few of my close friends were heavily involved and loved the organization. My first year I started out as a dancer and that’s when I fell in love with it as well! What committees have you been a part of? After my first year participating as a dancer I decided to get more involved so I joined the Public Relations committee! Going into my senior year and knowing it was possibly my last to participate in UNI’s DM I decided to apply to be a Morale Captain. I was incredibly proud to be chosen for such an amazing role! What made you want to be a Morale Captain? Watching the Morale Captains at the big event is really what inspired me to apply. They brought so much energy and enthusiasm to the day and I knew I would love to participate in that role! What are your duties as a Morale Captain? As a Morale Captain my duties include recruiting, fundraising and bringing the party to the big event! So basically, what that means is that I am always trying to recruit members to register for Dance Marathon by talking about how amazing the organization is and urging them to participate. I am also constantly checking in on my morale team, urging them to fundraise and getting them motivated! Then at the big event I am responsible for staying energetic and keeping everyone excited for the whole 12 hours of the event!! What fundraising advice do you have for DM dancers and members? My advice for fundraising is to not be afraid to be turned down! There’s nothing wrong with getting rejected or not getting a response but you’ll never know if you don’t try! Post your donor drive on your Facebook page, tell you cousin, grandma, mom, best friend and brother to post it as well! Also, make sure to send out fundraising letters explaining what Dance Marathon is and how you’re participating! You would be surprised at the magnitude of people willing to donate to such an amazing cause. What has been your favorite experience through Dance Marathon? Without a doubt my favorite experience through Dance Marathon has been the big event. The atmosphere and passion in the room cannot properly be described. It is a life changing experience! What is your favorite thing about DM? My favorite thing about DM is the organization’s ability to bring so many people together for one cause! I love watching all of UNI stand behind and support our miracle kiddos! What do you look forward to the most as the Big Event approaches? I look forward to seeing the culmination of a year’s hard work come together. So much goes into the big event and everyone has been working so hard to do everything they can to make it successful. I also can’t wait to feel all of the amazing energy that everyone brings on the big day and watch everyone forget about their own lives and focus on the lives of our courageous kiddos.

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