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What are the goals of an effective hashtag? Is it to get your attention? Maybe to force you to ask questions? Or perhaps the objective is to get you interested in the subject. UNI Dance Marathon’s 2015-2016 Executive Team hopes this year’s #305on305 and #OneStepCloser do just that and more. A lot of you may have come across these hashtags; on social media, UNI’s campus or the Cedar Falls community. So what do they mean?! Well we're glad you asked... Every year Dance Marathon sets a fundraising goal for the participants to reach; and every year that goal has not only been accomplished but surpassed. This year DM’s big event will be held on 3/05/2016; therefore, the goal that has been set for this year is $305,000 FOR THE KIDS! So for this year we are using the #305on305. We won’t be able reach this goal without all of your help. Every committee member, executive and dancer has the ability to contribute and change lives! Every time you hear about Dance Marathon, talk about Dance Marathon, attend an event, or fundraise for your donor drive; think about this hashtag and think about this year’s fundraising goal. Every penny, quarter and dollar that you raise is helping our courageous Miracle Kiddos and their families! Every donation that you receive is getting us #OneStepCloser to them feeling better, feeling healthier and feeling like a kid again.

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