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Why did you join Dance Marathon in the first place? I joined Dance Marathon last year because I just felt like it was a way I could get involved while doing something that doesn't pertain to my major; it was the best decision I've made! What made you want to be a morale captain this year? I wanted to become a morale captain this year because last year the Big Event was so much fun and the morale captains were awesome! I just knew I wanted to get even more involved with this organization and be one of the people who make the Big Event so fun!

What is a morale captain? A morale captain is somebody who helps recruit dancers for the Big Event and is there to keep morale high during the whole 12 hours! Through out the year, our responsibilities include attending most if not all events that are put on by UNI DM. To be a morale captain it takes energy, passion, dedication, and the strong desire to truly devote your time to helping the kids and living and breathing Dance Marathon! What is some advice for new dancers? My advice for new dancers is to just have an open mind and have fun!! DM is such a great and powerful event. I believe those who are new to DM will honestly be impacted by the big day because that's were you get to see why we do what we do! What should people do to prepare for the Big Event? To prepare, FUNDRAISE!! and buy all the Orange you can find! The Big Event is a day for fun and enjoyment! It's a celebration of the kids so come happy and ready to smile! What are you most excited about? I am most excited about the Big Event! Especially the power hour leading up to the big reveal! It's such an intense and powerful moment because that's what all of our hard work throughout the year comes down to! It's such an emotional moment.

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