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1. Post your donor drive A LOT When you signed up for UNI Dance Marathon, you also signed up for a Donor Drive which is a convenient way to fundraise through online donations but it also shows the checks you have received. The best way to reach people you don’t normally talk to is to post this link on your Facebook page. Once the link is clicked, it is an easy and straightforward way to donate.

2. Twitter re-tweets and favorites Our world is currently obsessed with social media, especially our generation. The easiest way to not only raise money, but to also spread awareness about our cause is to turn to social media and a super easy way do this is to give a certain amount of money for every re-tweet and favorite a specific tweet of yours gets. For example, I posted last year that I would give twenty-five cents for each favorite and ten cents for every retweet. I ended up donating over $150 and my tweet reached states across the country and even an NFL player. If this isn’t something you can personally fund yourself, get your parents involved and challenge them to join you! **Please do not do this if you don’t have the funds to do so.** 3. Advocate to those closest to you Show those closest to you how passionate you are for this organization and event! They are the people who are going to see you light up about the organization and be the most willing to give. If you are involved in multiple student organizations or go to church every week, ask to speak to those members about Dance Marathon. This might spark people to donate, attend the event, or even both!

4. Eliminate your costly addictions for one week If you’re anything like me, you probably waste money every day on things you don’t need such as a certain type of food, pop, coffee, etc. I challenge you to eliminate these addictions from your life for at least a week. Calculate how much you saved and donate that money to Dance Marathon instead! I know that might be difficult but your $10 or $20 can go a lot further at the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital than a couple of cans of Mt. Dew each week ever could. 5. Just ask! Often times fundraising gets associated with big events so many people assume that these events are huge money makers. This is false. The best way to raise money is to simply ask. When you simply ask a person, the worst thing that can happen is them telling you no or not right now. To secure the maximum amount of donations, brush up on your facts about our incredible organization. When they see how knowledgeable and passionate you are about it, it will be hard to turn you down.

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